Fact, Fiction and Everything in Between.

by moonassi

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moonassi is alex, schuyler, jack and dylan.

these are the first group of songs we wrote as a band, and were recorded in our drummers bedroom.

album artwork by andrew dominguez.


released September 4, 2014



all rights reserved


moonassi Austin, Texas

"To do a dull thing with style-now that's what I call art." -Charles Bukowski

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Track Name: frail bones
Pointless photographs that I have, reflecting how long I have been here.
Each journey was so short lived, but each step taken was a single conquest.
"Still flightless we soar, you wont fall alone."
It's just you and me, there's none else here.
Its just you and me, "Don't let us go now.."
Still if only I could be more.
Hold me together, hold me to your chest.
Because I'm starting to forget the lies you all tell me.
Track Name: head full of miracles
One day you wake up with a new face in the mirror, one day you wake up with a new color in the sky.
Still my dreams hold onto me;
Today a bluebird hit my door and died.
Track Name: the number 2 doesn't look like you
Far away; someplace I'd like to be.
Holding on the the little you left me with.
Memories affiliated..
Just give myself back to me.
..With the thought of your back, facing me.
Can you see us in the distance? I cant honestly say the same.
I dug a grave with both of our names, but for now I'm leaving only you buried there.
"You are like the sun, you are too bright for my eyes and you burn my arms."
Track Name: horses never bet on people and neither do i
Through closed eyes, I see everything and everyone I wish to be. (So why would I ever want to wake up?)
Set fire to the regrettable reality we live in, since when did the Shepard start herding more than sheep?
You are not what you're meant to be, can we just fucking evolve..
I've tried to float away, but we were too heavy..
Thus ends my dream of you and me, because it was all for me.